Aneesha Parrone

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“In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.” Marc Chagall

Aneesha Parrone   has been a weaver/fiber artist since 1977.  Writing has been a faithful companion on her artistic journey.   She studied weaving at Barton College, Penland School of Crafts, Haystacks School of Crafts and implemented graduate work in fibers and writing at Goddard College.  In addition, in 1979 she served as apprentice to North Carolina master weaver, Jane Weir.  Exhibiting throughout the state and nationally, her work expresses an exceptional style of tapestry weaving.  Her work, “The Door of Refuge” was published in Best of NC Artists and Artisans, 2006.  In addition, two of her pieces, “Fallen Angels” and “Waterfall Retreat” were selected for the book Best in America Artists and Artisans, Mixed Media, 2007, “ Conversion” was selected for inclusion in  Best of Mixed Nedia World Wide, 2012. “Teapot” was selected in 2018 in the Nationally Juried Exhibit at The Academy Center for the Arts, Lynchberg, VA. Her weavings are the result of meditation and integration of ideas.  She says, “I reflect on expressions of the heart, meditations, literature, nature, music, memories, even conversations. Therefore, each work of art is unique. Ultimately, even I cannot replicate a piece.”

Aneesha has been engaged in the arts and in the educational process for over 30 years.  In addition to learning from master weavers, Aneesha has participated in visual arts programs offered by internationally acclaimed visual and performing artists.  She has learned the art of raku pottery from Toshio Ohi, 11th generation potter from Japan; puppetry from Hoby Ford, student of Jim Henson; participated in Shakespearean workshops from the NC Shakespeare Festival.  She was also selected to serve as educator/coordinator for the international project sponsored by NHK TV/Japan:  “Superteacher, James Turell.”

She has distilled the essence of her experiences into her artwork and writing as well as an exciting program for people of all ages.  Her presentations include interactive workshops, lectures on creativity, demonstrations of the weaving process, displays and discussions of art works, fibers incorporated, and the use of weaving as an art form, craft and platform for creative expression.  Aneesha says:

                              My work is an expression of my intuition.  Nature inspires me with her vast panorama of diversity.  The challenges of interpretations and reflections on nature are endless; and, like Marc Chagall claims, “…there is a single color… It is the color of love.” The creative dialog with my environment is intended to include and draw in the viewer.  Rather than a static statement, I am intrigued with a connectivity that is vibrant and that enlivens our holy ordinariness.  Transformation, for me, is an ongoing process of discovery and delight.  Celebrating and creating beauty within myself, I give validation and support to the creative expression of a peaceful world.